Rückblick vom 06. Oktober 2011 in Stuttgart, Haus der Wirtschaft

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"Germany has great potential for product placement and branded integration in film and television, says Alison E. McManus, keynote speaker at the 9th Product Placement Kongress and industry expert from the United States. The US branded entertainment market is very large and robust and very active whereas Germany has only started to investigate the many profitable possibilities of product placement and branded integration.

Product placement in entertainment has become popular because companies can organically integrate their products and brand messaging directly into the content and then create unique and innovative global consumer marketing and promotional campaigns utilizing equity from the film or television property.

Hollywood produces content with such frequency that there are annually multiple opportunities for companies to engage in strategic integration.

American consumers associate strongly with brands that are seen in movies and television. Branded integration creates an excitement, enthusiasm, and implied endorsement for the brand that resonates well with customers.”

Alison E. McManus
Branded Marketing Group, New York


"Dank der WRS Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart konnte ich diese Woche sehr kurzfristig bei dem von Waldner.tv organisierten 9. Product Placement Kongress im Haus der Wirtschaft teilnehmen. Zum ersten mal wurde bei dieser Veranstaltung... " [mehr]

Michael Starzmann, gadget Strategie - Design